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Direct mails are not sent

 Here is a checklist to work through:

  1. Direct Mail Boundaries should appear in the source of both the HTML and Plain text versions of the page that is used to build the direct mail; otherwise, personalized mails will be empty and will not be sent.
  2. If the direct mail is HTML only, make sure that the recipient addresses or recipient FE users have HTML enabled; no mails will be sent to recipients that do not have HTML enabled.
  3. Make sure there is content for the recipients. Try to include at least one content element that will be sent to all recipients, even if they subscribe to no category. Personalized mails that are empty will not be sent.
  4. Sending a simple test mail will test that sending mail does work.
  5. Sending a test mail to an individual test address or test recipient list configured with the module configuration function will ensure that personalization of messages is working.