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2.7 Page as short cut to another page


A page with the type Shortcut gives you a possibility to place a link to another page on your own site. I.e. the pages seen on the ”page tree”. A page with this type will never be able to be opened on its own on the Net. When somebody tries to open it, the other page you have chosen will be opened. 


If the procedure from section 2.1 has been followed you will see the main page form in front of you. 


Click to enlarge


In section Type choose Shortcut. Then the new Shortcut tab will be added:


Click on top icon on the right side of the field. A new (small) window showing the ”page tree” will appear. You choose a page by clicking it in the “page tree” and the name of the page will be shown inShortcut to page. If you regret your choice you may close the small window without choosing a page by clicking the cross in the top right corner of this window. 


The page will be deleted by clicking the page name in Shortcut to page, which is then marked blue and clicking the bottom icon showing a waste bin.