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2.11 Placing contents on a new page


After following the procedure described in the former sections the new page should now be ready to be filled. 


Usually the contents are placed as elements, put in one by one and placed in relation to each other. 


When the main page form is saved and closed the new page may be marked or not in the ”page tree”, depending on which buttons have been used for saving and closing the page. If it is not marked by a grey line, you can mark it by clicking it. 


The following form is opened on the right side of the screen: 

Click to enlarge


The best way to start the first element of contents is by clicking the button Create page content

You may also click the button:

A list of possible types of elements of contents will then be shown. The list of the simplest types looks like the following (dependin on your web site configuration):  

Click to enlarge


The type of element wanted is chosen by clicking the name in the list. The creation of the element types are described further in section 4


It is also possible to create elements of contents by using the button: 


After choosing the element type, this, however, will result in being asked to place the new element in the pages order of elements. Irrelevant as we are talking about the very first element of contents.