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4.6 Elements of contents - Table

After following the procedure in section 2 or 3 you will have the list of possible types of elements in front of you.

Choose Table by clicking this possibility.

You will now have the possibility to write a title (see section 4.1) and insert a table.

The table is defined in a section starting looking like this:

In the field Table columns you indicate whether you want to work with a fixed number of columns or if you want to add the columns dynamically. If you want the last possibility you leave the field value as Auto. If you choose a fixed number you may choose no more than 8.

To precede you will under all circumstances have to save the element by clicking

It is to be found at two places in the form.

A new table wizard icon will appear to the right of the text field.

Clicking on the table wizard icon you enter the table guide where you may fill the table with values.

You may now fill the field with values:

New lines are added by clicking the plus sign to the left of one of the lines. Thus a new line is added under the last one.

New columns are added by clicking the plus sign under one of the columns. Thus a new column is added to the right of the last column. Even if a fixed number of columns are indicated it is still possible to add columns more than this number. The fixed number of columns only indicates that from the outset a certain number of columns are available.

Under no circumstances more than 8 columns can be added, while the number of lines is unlimited.

Lines and columns may be deleted by clicking the waste bin icon of either the line or the column.

The table is added to the element of contents by clicking  or

When the users see a table created on the Net it will look something like this: