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The Direct Mail Wizard

The Direct Mail Wizard is located in the first module (Direct Mail). After choosing a Direct Mail SysFolder, the first step is shown. Four possible sources of a Direct Mail is shown: internal page (TYPO3 page), external page, quickmail and from existing Direct Mail.


Internal Page

All page in the selected SysFolder will be listed. There will be 3 icons, edit icon and two preview icon. With the edit icon you can edit the page contents. The first preview icon shows the HTML-version and the second one shows the Plaintext-version of the direct mail. Beside that you can create a new page by clicking the last link.

By clicking the page title, you choose a page as a direct mail and the second step will be shown.



External Page

To create a new direct mail based on an external page, you should insert the HTML and Plaintext URL of the external page and the subject of the direct mail. To continue to the second step click the "create mail? button



Default values for the sender name and email are the values, which you entered in the configuration module. You can only send plaintext version. In the second step you can put attachments like a normal direct mail.



Direct Mail

All existing and not yet sent direct mail are listed in this option. You can choose an existing direct mail to continue the sending process by clicking the subject of the direct mail.



In the second step, the detail information of the direct mail is shown and you can manually change this, e.g. insert  attachments, by clicking the edit button. In this step the content of of the direct mail is automatically fetched and an information on the fetching is also shown (successful, warning or error). If there is an error, you should leave the wizard , correct this error (e.g. by clearing FE-cache) and continue the sending process by choosing from the list of existing Direct Mail (fourth Option in the first step).


The third step is the categorizing of the content. This step will be shown if the direct mail's source is a TYPO3 step. If the direct mail's source is other than TYPO3 page, then it will be skipped to step four. After choosing the categories, click the "update category settings? button to save the assignment of the categories.


To continue the sending process, click the next button. The fourth step will be shown.




The fourth step is sending test mails. If UIDs of tt_address or direct mail groups in the configuration module are given, they will be shown and click the name will send email to them and this step will be shown again. If there is no UID given in the configuration module, there will be only a text field, where you can give an email address.

After finish testing the direct mail, click on the next button will show the fifth and final step.


The last step is mass sending the direct mail. After choosing a recipient lists from a drop down lists, you can choose time, when the mailer engine start sending it. The button next to the input field will show a pop up calendar. You can choose date and time. By clicking the "send to all subscribers in the recipient list? button, the direct mail is released to sending