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How to add keywords/description (SEO)

One of the biggest challenges with maintaining a website – especially a large site – is keeping up with all the metadata (or data about data). Not exactly fun for humans – but for search engines, metadata can be a valuable source of information.


Please open the page as described in section 3.1

Click Edit page properties button to open the main page form for the page and select Metadata tab:


Please enter in Keywords field keywords for the page separated by commas. You may also use short phrases.

To optimize your page for search engines like google you should not use more than 10 to 15 keywords. You should make sure that the keywords can be found in the content of the page.


in the Description field please enter a short description of the page. It will be displayed in the result lists of search engines.

Search engines will display the description in their result list. Thus, the text should be short (about 160 characters maximum), and it's wording should make sense when it shows up in the result list.

Note: Some search engines only use the description if the text is not found elsewhere in the content. So do not just repeat yourself.