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Create news article

Open News storage folder and click on create news article icon  as specified below:

The editing form is divided in two sections (Tabs) “General” and “Related”. Below you see all possible fields, including the secondary options.

Field descriptions:


Title of newsrticle


Here you can define the type of the newsitem. The different types are shown with different icons in the BackEnd. Possible types are:


This type is used for normal news articles. Only these news will have a link to a single view.

Link External page

These news records are only showing in list views. The links from these news records will point directly to the URL which is configured in the field “External URL”.

Link internal page

These news records are also showing only in list views. Click on this article opens defined internal page.

Hide, Start, Stop and Access

With the fields “Hide”, “Start”, “Stop” and “Access” you can configure the visibility of the current newsitem.


The value of this field affects several things:

  1. The news in lists and in the archivemenu (amenu) are ordered by this field if no other filed is selected.

  2. If a value for “datetimeDaysToArchive”, “datetimeHoursToArchive” or “datetimeMinutesToArchive” is set, these value is added to the value of the datetime field and handled as archivedate.

For new created records the current time is inserted atomatically.


If archivedate shows a value in the past, the news record will be shown in lists showing only archived news. Of course it will disappear from lists showing only non-archived news.


This field appears only in translated news records and points to the translation Original. (The translation original has to be in the default language)


This field shows the language of the newsitem. This field should be not edited by hand because its value is handled by the translation system of TYPO3. See section Translate news.

Author and Email

By default only the author will be displayed and linked to the author's email address.


If this field is empty the value of the field “Text” is taken instead.


This is the main text of the news article.

No automatic pagebreaks for this record

this will disable automatic pagebreaks after a certain amount of words for this record.


The content of this field is written to a TypoScript register ("newsKeywords") which can be used to insert the keywords as "<meta> keywords" to the page header (plugin "metatags" required).


Here you can assign categories to the current news record (if this record is no translation of another record).The available categories will be displayed in a tree.


Here you can define images that will be shown in the news item.


Field for the imagecaption which will be displayed under the image. If more than one image is assigned the value of this field can be splitted by linebreaks.

Image altText and Image titleText

In these fields you can define two texts that will be inserted as alt and title texts in the image html tag. If more than one image is assigned the values of these fields can be splitted by linebreaks.


The links that are inserted here will be displayed under the "bodytext" in the news single view.

Related News

In this field you can select news records or pages that will be displayed as related news. Related news with type “news” will point to the single view of the related news record. Related news with type “External URL” or “internal Link” will point to the url or page id that is inserted in the news record. Related pages will be handled as news with type “internal link”.



Here you can attach files to a newsitem.