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How to translate news items into other language

Open the sysfolder where your news are located in List mode (click List in Web section of main menu).


Now activate the “localization view”:



Click on a flag icon (or the language label) to “localize” a news db-record in a certain language. Now the flag-icon is moved to the “localization” column to show that this news record is translated.


The titles of the news records had been prepended with “[Translate to {language_label}]”.

Please note: there MUST exist news record in default language! You can`t create news in second language without have default language version first.


If you set the language in a news record to “all” ths record will be displayed in all available languages.


As you can see, that some fields are “missing” in the translated version. Those fields are taken from to the original-language (f.e.: type, related news). Categories are always copied from the record in the default language. The localized article shows only which categories are assigned they are not editable in translations.

The image field of a localized news article is excluded by default (images are always taken from the record in the default language).


All fields are showing the value of their original-language below the input field.