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2.10 Save a new page


A page will not be created until you have chosen to save it. If you close the page without saving it is lost. This system does not ask you (like in Word) if you would like to close without keeping the changes.  


Click one of the buttons in the row of buttons located at top and bottom of the form: 


     Page is saved and design form is still shown on the screen.


   Page is saved and opened for reading. As it will look when the users see it. The page is shown in a window of its own and you may return to the design form by clicking the cross in the top right corner of the new screen picture.

    Page is saved and design form is closed.


    Form is closed without saving changes.


The page will be shown in the ”page tree” Where you have chosen to place it. 


Working on a main page form, and accidentally clicking outside the form, the form may disappear from the screen.  


If you click for instance on another page in the ”page tree” this page will appear and the form will disappear. However the form is not lost, even if you have not saved it. In this situation you will just use the browsers return button and the form will appear again.